Things have been very busy for everyone over the last few months since Neighbourhood Challenge kicked off.

It has been a really exciting time – and also a challenging time – for all of the projects. All 17 groups are up and running now and they’ve been working through the practical issues around how to make their plans translate into action on the ground.

There are lots of exciting things going on as you can see and read on the individual project blogs (just here on the right ->)

I wanted to pick up a few highlights from some of our most active bloggers in this post – but I’d strongly encourage you to take a look through them all to get a feel for the variety of the approaches being taken, and all of the different challenges and successes that projects have experienced during this set up phase.

We also now have a map of our projects which we’re going to be developing further over the next month. (Click here to view the map)

Neighbourhood Challenge News

1. Stand Out in Darwen

Darwen Aldridge have been taking their travelling living room out into the community to find out what is going on locally and to gather ideas for community led projects.

Stand Out Darwen's mobile sitting room

For more info on Darwen Aldridge visit their Neighbourhood Challenge blog.

2. Coopers Edge

We’ve seen some lively  postings from Coopers Edge who  are building interest and involvement in the community on a new housing development using a temporary community centre as a hub for engaging people.

Coopers Edge meetingplace

For more info on Coopers Edge visit their Neighbourhood Challenge blog.

3. Shiregreen

Shiregreen continue to be really active on their blog, updating on community events and  how they have been testing and adapting methods for involving people.

Shiregreen's community tent

For more info on Shiregreen visit their Neighbourhood Challenge blog.